2014 Annual Report

This year, we made important progress toward our vision to ensure that organs and tissues are always available to those in need.

Innovative refinements to our services led to increases in donor registration, transplant safety, and ultimately, the number of lives saved.


Lifesaving innovations

Innovation is long overdue in the fields of donor management and transplant services.

That’s why our entire organization — from our growing team of lab techs and organ procurement coordinators to our new Chief Medical Officer — is committed to a constant cycle of improvement.

Explore these lifesaving innovations to learn how Mid-America Transplant Services saves more lives year after year through organ and tissue donation.

By the

On the Horizon

In recent years, MTS has broken new ground in the field of organ and tissue donation. We will continue on this path of lifesaving innovation in the years to come, leveraging collaborative programs that lead us toward our vision to ensure that organs and tissues are always available to those in need.

In 2014, we joined our peer organizations to form LINC — a first-of-its-kind network of four organ procurement organizations. This collaborative model enables us to share best practices and realize the greatest possible outcomes for our partners, our communities, and the thousands of people who are awaiting lifesaving organ and tissue transplants. Together, LINC members are making lifesaving shifts in OPO operation.

MTS formed a charitable foundation to provide enhanced support to transplant patients, donor families, and the community. In addition to supporting organ and tissue recipients before, during, and after transplants, in 2015 the foundation will award up to $375,000 in partner grants, $80,000 in critical care nursing scholarships, and $200,000 in community wellness grants.